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Advantages of getting degree at the Guglielmo Marconi University

Education programs

Guglielmo Marconi University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs both in Russian and English.

Computer engineering

Bachelor's degree More

Economic science

Bachelor's degree More

Economic science

Master's degree More

Business Administration

Master More

Process of study

To study at Marconi University you only need your computer and Internet. You attend your classes at Virtual C@mpus — an online University platform with all necessary materials for your studies.

Once you become our student you will get Login and Password to your personal profile at Virtual C@mpus.

Once you pass your final examinations and defend a thesis work you will get a prestigious worldwide recognized European University diploma.

Virtual C@mpus
platform is:

Electronic textbooks

Didactic materials in different formats

Audio and video lectures of teachers

Practical exercises

Interactive testing

Laboratory for modeling objects and situations

Virtual classroom: work with tutors and students online

Statistics on attendance and effectiveness of training

How to enter the University

Submit your contact details to get a call from our program coordinators or call at +7(495) 280-78-86 to get full advise.

Step 1
Step 2

Submit required documents.

All certificates and diplomas must be apostilled in the Ministry of Education and translated into Italian by a consular interpreter get an authenticity confirmation (Dichiarazione di Valore) approved by Social Department of the Consulate of Italy.

Pay up your training course, receive documents on enrollment and access to the Virtual C@mpus platform.

Step 3

Guglielmo Marconi University


Italian world level university, conducting large international studies in different fields - from economics and arts to applied sciences and technologies.


University’s society consist of 16,000 students all over the world, 300 teachers and more than 200 science consultants.


The University has contemporary well developed programs, preparing students to global challenges and applying of science knowledges in real life.


In accordance with the European universities ranking – U-Multirank, Guglielmo Marconi University enters top-25 of the best universities of the world in the following categories: joint international, interdisciplined and regional publications.

About Us
Nedim Yasich
Bosnia and Herzegovina

«My name is Nedim. I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This year I’m about to complete my studies at University of Gulielmo Marconi. There are only good things I can say about it. The professors are great. The administration is very helpful and curators that I’ve been working with, responding to my mails asap solving all the arising questions. Programs are designed in the way it’s always enough time to study, even for the students doing jobs.»

Natalia Hayduk

«My name is Natalia and I’m from Poland. I’m currently studying for Bachelor of Economics degree at Marconi’s University. I’m glad that I chose this university because the distance education gives me the opportunity to combine work and leisure with my studies. I’m organizing my curriculum and choosing the exam dates by myself. I can communicate with curators and professors that are always ready to help and answer my questions. I would recommend this type of distance education to everybody who wants to combine studies with something else.»

Vanessa Krause

«By applying for Master’s of Global Marketing and International Business relations program, I realized all the flexibility and professionalism of university professors and gave myself a chance to combine studies and work because of the individual study plan. I’m recommending the University of Gulielmo Marconi to everybody who wants to complete the high quality Master’s program organizing their time with maximum capacity.»