Information Systems & Technologies

Programme of growing professionals in the IT industry

Duration: 4 years
8 semesters
Study mode: Full-time
5 days a week
Degree Certificate: International
About the program

Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in the areas of creation and development of information infrastructure. Start your successful journey at Synergy University Dubai Campus. Graduates of BSc in Information Systems & Technology obtain the skills and knowledge in the areas of creation and development of information structures in various organizations. The program allows them, on one hand, to engage in the development, implementation, and support of software programming, also ensures efficient access to informational resources and their protection.

What you will learn: key subjects
  1. §1. Cyber security and protection of information
    • Legal maintenance of information security.
    • Threats to information security in computer systems.
    • Means and methods of ensuring information security.
    • Protection of information from leaks through technical channels and from unauthorized access.
    • Computer viruses and antivirus protection
  2. §2. Architecture of computing and computer systems
    • Architectural concepts of information processing tools.
    • Models of the functional organization of computing facilities.
    • Industrial implementations of conveyor, matrix, multiprocessor and distributed systems
  3. §4. Software Development Technology
    • Software life cycle and principles of its quality assessment.
    • Technologies for the development of software systems.
    • Methods and standards of information support of programs at different stages of the life cycle.
  4. §4. Administration of information systems
    • Basic principles of the administration of information systems.
    • Information security.
    • Configuring services and servers.
    • Development and administration of databases.
    • Configuring web servers and virtual hosts for networking.
Information Systems & Technologies
Fees (semester)
USD 5000 - 7000
AED 22 020
Advantages of the programme
Practical skills for business organization
Internships and job placements in Dubai companies
Students support for staying in Dubai and academic affairs
Faculties - current specialists of the field
Trainings, seminars and master classes of industry experts
International Degree Certificate recognized all over the world
Emphasis on the acquisition of practical skills
Analysis of real cases in IT industry
Degree Certificates
State Bachelor's Degree Certificate
European Diploma Supplement (in English Language)
Special offers
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Early Birds Scholarship (Bachelor's)
Up to 40% for the 1st and last year of Bachelor's Degree Programme
Career Center
Career Center
Working and studying can be perfectly compatible with Synergy University Dubai!
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
Academic Excellence Study Grant (Bachelor's)
50% study grant for the 1st semester
Scholarships and Grants
Scholarships and Grants
Apply for our special offers and get up to 50% study grants